Monday, March 3, 2008

eat pray love

I just finished reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and had some very mixed opinions about it. I can see why it has been so motivational for women in the midst of an identity crisis or some other crisis that hits them after it seems like their stories are already written, but I think we need to take her freedom with a grain of salt. Obviously, being a college student, my life is still unclear and far out ahead of me so some parts were hard to relate to in her story. I did love the independence woven throughout the book and really enjoyed Gilbert's wit and humor even in her darkest times. That is something so incredibly important to learn about dealing with any struggle and for that, the book teaches a great lesson. I found myself continually catching myself having an adverse reaction to some of the religious convictions of Gilbert and how she portrayed them. Granted, she did offer a disclaimer at the beginning of the book to prevent readers from judging her based on her religious beliefs, so no one can really blame her. Eat Pray Love is an honest look at a woman who finds herself in a hole she can't see out of and, in some way, every person has felt pieces of that fear. I do not think this book deserves the cult-like fame it has acquired but do see the value of a book which gives readers an opportunity to look closer at themselves without claiming to be (or acting like) a self-help book. I appreciated the terms Gilbert laid out and felt like her personality carried the book through. Whether I agree or disagree with her choice to flee from her life and responsibilities (for the record, I don't), I see the value of her courage and finding strength to overcome her struggle against herself. If nothing else, it has made me evaluate my reasoning behind the things I do and say which is the purpose of learning and living anyway.

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Hey Bonnie! I happened to see your blog site update on Facebook ;) and enjoyed your first couple posts! I like reading and blogging, too, so I look forward to what's next on Books Blabber!