Wednesday, March 5, 2008

kite runner

Whew, what a thought-provoking and intense book. I think now since I have read it, I will never again read it for fear that I will feel the emotions even more strongly than I did the first time. I know this book is fiction and not a memoir, but I could not help feeling like I was reading the life story of many Afghan people which stirs a reaction in me like nothing else. The writing of this book draws the reader in and certainly catches your attention, whether it be for good or bad. There are multiple disturbing and horrific events written with all the gory details, so if you can get through those I think you can find the deeper meaning in the novel, but that is not easy to do. I had to put the book down a few times and walk away to catch some mindless tv just to get away but I think that is exactly what Hosseini wants to do with his story. He wants the reader to wrestle with the realistic danger and fear of the main character, Amir, and his life inside and outside of Afghanistan. Kite Runner is unlike any other book I usually choose to read since I tend to pick books that are uplifting. This one is truly intense and dark, but I would venture to say it is a necessary one to read in order to better understand the pain felt by so many throughout the world that we in America do not think about or simply choose to ignore. I am an avid believer that we need to embrace cultures around the world and do our part to better the lives of others who cannot help themselves. If this story is disturbing and gruesome, let it at least pull you to understand or stir a new emotion to feel even a little bit of what some Afghan people have dealt with for centuries. Obviously I can't pretend to feel or understand the life of someone so distanced from Athens, Ga., but I can at least acknowledge the need for all of us to think and question the treatment of others in countries where voices are not heard and lives are not given value.

Also, if you have seen the movie, feel free to comment on differences or similarities between book and movie, because I would love to hear them!

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