Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Friday Night Knitting Club

Ok, before you start thinking "Wow, Bonnie would knit on a Friday night"- which may or may not be an accurate statement- know that the girls in this book are not grandmas, nor lame. I like the idea of having a consistent group of people to meet up with and this book does a great job of weaving(no pun intended) a good story amongst references to knitting. The characters are raw and realistic, but the plot is fairly predictable. This does not, however, make the book any less entertaining and it is a great read, especially for mothers and daughters. This a short review for a breezy book that is great for summer or, dare I say it, a beach-read. Next up, The Other Boelyn Girl. What do you think of any of these books? I'd love recommendations...

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